EasyBuild is a 3D capture and digitization tool that allows you to generate instantly 2D and 3D plans with our augmented reality technology. This tool comes in the form of a mobile application running on a compatible device.

You have the opportunity to intervene upstream of the design of the tool’s functionalities by subscribing to the EasyBuild Innovation Program which allows you to:

Access all versions and features of the tool

Participate in the improvement of the product through feedback and an expression of needs

Benefit from a preferential rate at the end of the Beta development phase.

Tool Features

Indoor 3D capture and simplified modeling

Thanks to intuitive ergonomics, the user simply selects the walls, floors and ceilings that he wishes to take into account in his capture. He can then add doors and windows. A simplified 3D model corresponding to the capture is updated in real time. It is possible to capture several pieces of the same building.

Visualization and export of the model

Once captured, the simplified 3D model can be viewed and exported. According to his need, the user can choose to generate 2D and 3D plans.

Measurement report

The data corresponding to the measurements made on the model can be synthesized in a report:

  • Captured elements (floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows)
  • Length of intersections
  • Perimeter of intersections
  • Surface area

Next features under development :

  • Placing objects in the scene in augmented reality
  • Object Libraries
  • Safeguarding the measured and arranged scene
  • Stage Setup in White Room
  • Object configuration
  • Universal measuring tool (distance between two points)
  • Spirit level


Functional requests taken into account in the development plan

As a EasyBuild Innovation partner, we take into account all your remarks and your functional requests. They will be qualified by our team and then integrated into the product roadmap if they are validated.

Innovation Program Accompaniment

The EasyBuild Innovation partner benefits from a remote presentation of the tool to the user, and a standard technical support (working days, 9am to 6pm, by phone, or by mail).

Modeling and integration of 3D objects

You can use your own objects if they match the specifications of the EasyBuild library. Otherwise, we can provide you our modeling services. (please check our modeling services)

Compatible devices

EasyBuild Innovation works on devices using Google Tango technology. This technology is an augmented reality engine that uses specific sensors to develop interactions between the real world and virtual objects.

Asus Zenfone AR

Asus Zenfone AR, announced at CES 2017, is the second smartphone to incorporate Google Tango technology. It runs on the basis of a Snapdragon 821, with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of internal memory depending on the configuration.